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e-Bility.com is a popular destination for disability information resources and currently receives around 21,000 unique visitors visits (approximately 48,000 hits) a month, making it a very visible, high profile place to advertise your second hand equipment, wheelchair accessible vehicles, accessible properties on the market, disability/health sector job vacancies and/or disability related businesses for sale.


To place an advertisement please contact e-Bility providing the advertisement details and letting us know if you have a PayPal account or would prefer to pay by EFT (see payment section below for more information).

Do not pay before approval for the ad is received. Once this happens a PayPal invoice with link (or bank details) will be sent to you.

Each listing is set up and priced for a single item that can stay up until sold, not a group of items (the main difficulty being that individual items in a group sell at different rates, so the listing is not accurate which is frustrating to potential buyers). Speciality items, such as pressure care mattresses or cushions are classed as a seperate item because they are expensive and there is a market for these secondhand. The other problem with multi-listings is it inflates the asking price making the primary item look very expensive so our experience, and feedback we receive, is that combined listings are much slower to sell.

We require a text description of the product or property (max 15 brief 30 character dot points), its location (suburb/state), a short title (date/brand or model) a phone contact and your asking price. Please identify if this is a private sale or if it is a commercial listing provide the company name. You are also welcome to include a photo of the item if you have one available. Ideally the photo should be of the actual item for sale, not from a brochure. If you have lots of photos, a dot point that more images are available is fine, then potential buyers can request these if interested. Please note:

TRIAL: Two items as one listing

Occasionally it makes sense to list two items together e.g. some pressure care cushions are custom fitted to a wheelchair, two single beds can be combined to create a king size bed or the seller will only sell the two items as a bundle.


Prices have been kept to a minimum. These vary for different categories of advertisement and are inclusive of GST:

Private sales

It is a private listing if the equipment or vehicle is owned and used by an individual with disability, their family or carer in a private setting for personal use. These are at a cheaper rate and the terms more flexible.

Advertisements run until the item is sold. Most items sell quickly, so if the ad is over 2 months old it is automatically deleted unless we hear from you before hand. Once delisted the ad has expired and there is a fee to relist it. This is to assist us in maintaining a current site as people can forget to notify us once an item is sold. Please let us know before 2 months if the item is still available.

Once published minor changes, such as a new phone number or dropping the asking price can be requested. However other content changes require relisting the item (at the same price below). Once relisted the item is also moved back up to the top of the page.

Commercial sales

It is a commercial listing if the equipment, property or vehicle is owned or being sold by a business, whether a company or private operator eg real estate agents, car dealers, ex-taxi, courtesy or hire vehicles, vehicles being adapted/imported by individuals or businesses purely for sale/profit, equipment distributors etc

Listings in this category run for up to 2 months and include the name of the company in the location or contact details, identifying them as a commercial supplier. If the item is not sold within this period it is possible to relist the item at the price below. There is a maximum of 5 consecutive ads at any one time

Wanted ads

Sorry, we no longer publish wanted ads. Our experience has been that these are not effective.


Please let us know how you would like to pay and whether you are a private or commercial seller so we can send you the necessary information.

Online payment options
PayPal: Our preferred payment method is to invoice via PayPal (as long as it is not a PayPal eCheque, this is the quickest method). Please let us know if your account is linked to a different email than the one used in your message and wait until the PayPal invoice is sent before making payment.
Internet banking: Alternatively ask for our bank details if you are not a PayPal member and would like to pay by direct credit (EFT) using Internet banking. Our experience is that electronic transfers can take 1-2 days to be processed.
Postal option
If you are not set up for electronic payments we will accept a cheque.
Not accepted
We do not accept over-the-counter bank transfers, cash or cash equivalent payment such as a bank note or money order (as these are not traceable if they go astray)
Currently we do not have credit card facilities, so please do not email you credit card details
PayPal eCheques are also problematic as they take 5 business days to clear

How long does it take?

The listing is published once payment is received, however since the ads need to be prepared this is not instantaneous. Mostly it happens within the hour but as I work part-time or if it is a weekend/public holiday it occasionally takes a bit longer (the next working day). You will receive a confirmation email once the ad is up.

Your responsibility

Buying and selling of items is the responsibility of the individuals concerned. e-Bility's information resource is a way to publicise your item only, we are not involved in the transaction.

To allow ads to run until sold we rely on sellers letting us know when the item is no longer available. Simply send us a quick email, as soon as possible after the item is sold, so we can update the listings for the convenience of everyone using the service. It is frustrating for people looking for equipment if they phone to find items are no longer available.

As always, please take care when selling online and do not respond to unusual requests, such as freighting the goods before the cheque is cleared, an overseas purchase, putting money into someone else account when you are the seller, loaning money for freight or sending your email address to someone via a text message request when the person cannot be contacted by phone, as these are generally scam practices. It is also recommended to clear any cheques or other forms of payment before handing over the item.

Caution… Two scams that are prevalent at the moment are:

More information about classified's scams is available on the ASIC ScamWatch website. This Australian Government website also has information on how to report a scam.

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