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The Association of Higher Education and Disability is a professional association committed to full participation of students with disability in postsecondary education.
Braille House Library
Has a wide range of educational material transcribed for the Education Department and universities. Education Catalogues are currently held in Duxbury print format and are maintained by the Queensland Braille Writing Association.
Extra Language Resources
ELR Software produces a range of computer programs and resources for speech pathology and speech therapy. They are designed by speech pathologists for speech, language and literacy support.
Fluid Project
A worldwide collaborative project to help improve the usability and accessibility of community open source projects with a focus on academic software for universities.
Move to Learn
An eduational movement program to assist children with learning difficulty to learn and achieve at school.
Resources for equitable access to libraries.
An advocacy group representing children and adults who have learning difficulty.
Tin Snips
A special education resource for teachers of students with autism.

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