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Able Management
Provides access to the Alpine region of Victoria through the development of adaptive equipment and facilities, so that people with disability can participate in sport and recreational activities.
Accessible Yoga Teacher Training
A 400-hour Integral Yoga teacher training certification program specifically designed for training people with disability. This course is available to people who have a disability, chronic illness, or physical limitation and includes Basic Training as well as Yoga for Healing.
Access to Recreation
Innovative equipment for a wide range of recreational activities, including beach access, travel, golf, gardening, water sports and more.
Achievable Concepts
Adapted recreation and sporting equipment for people with disabilities and the aged.
Alternative Cycles wheelchair cycle
The wheelchair cycle is a customised device connecting the person's manual wheelchair to a front-wheel drive recumbent bicycle. The addition of an electric hub motor enables the cycle to be used on steep hills and eliminates rider fatigue.
Challenged America
Free adaptive sailing programs for people with disabilities, sports and recreational therapists and rehabilitation professionals.
Free craft and activity projects for therapy and group activities.
Deaf Divers
Dive groups that use a wide range of communication methods to ensure that everyone can understand and participate e.g. BSL, ASL, lip-speaking, gestures and fingerspelling. The aim is to accommodate everyone, whatever their communication needs are!
Disabled WinterSport Australia
Disabled WinterSport Australia is a multi-facetted, self help sporting organisation established to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to ski and experience Australia's beautiful winter playgrounds with their fellow skiers.
DIRC Leisure Directory
A comprehensive online directory of leisure, sports and arts groups and activities for South Australian's with a disability.
A Sydney based personal trainer who runs fitness and recreation programs to assist small groups of children, people with disabilities and the aged to exercise and stay healthy.
Free Online Library
A comprehensive guide to free online books.
Handicapped Scuba Association International
HCA is a leading authority on recreational diving for people with disabilities.  They operate as an independent diver training and certification agency offering a range of educational and rehabilitation programs worldwide, as well as an accessible dive vacations service.
Flying School for People with Disabilities (Polo Flats NSW)
The airfield at Polo Flats (near Comma) has been established as a flying centre for people with disabilites. The Airfield is surrounded by ideal open country for flying training and there are no competing commercial aircraft operations. Accessible accommodation is provided onsite.
Louise Sauvage - My Story
Louise Sauvage is one of the great Australian athletes of modern times. The stories of her athletic triumphs, on track and road, are told in her book. They include Olympic gold, Paralympic gold, World Championship gold and her attempts to win the Boston Marathon against America's Jean Driscoll. The book tells of the highs and lows, the achievements and controversies surrounding these events.
Martial Arts - Ki Do Kwan
Robert Ott is completely blind and currently a Martial arts instructor as well as a motivational guest speaker. His web site, certainvictory.com shares his story and is user friendly with JAWS.
NSW Sport and Recreation Department
The department's web site caters to all levels of physical and intellectual disabilities in their activities and programs, as well as publications like the Active and Able newsletter.
Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia
Provides riding instruction and other activities associated with riding and harness driving for people with a wide range of disabilities.
An organisation facilitating sailing for everyone, regardless of age or ability.
Sailing - Ahoy there, look, no hands
Judith Geppert has cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair for mobility. In this article she talks about the "exhilarating freedom" she experiences from sailing and her participation in the National Access Dinghy Championships.
Scuba Necessities
Supplier of scuba gear and supporter of scuba divers with a disability. The company can also provide modified equipment on special order for people with disabilities.
Skydiving - The Sky is the Limit
Judith Geppert is an adventurer with a disability, her goal on her 44th birthday was to go tandem skydiving - this is her story.
Special Olympics Australia
Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and competition for children and adults with an intellectual disability, regardless of their skill level. Local branches include the Special Olympics Sydney Northern Region
Tai Chi for Arthritis
Tai Chi for Arthritis is a program designed by Dr Paul Lam for people with arthritis, supported by many arthritis foundations.
Tempo Tricycles
An innovative Australian cycle manufacturer with a wide range of tricycles suitable for children and adults with disability, including adapted and hands free models.
Wheelchair accessible hiking
Information, tips and a database of accessible hiking trails suitable for wheelchair treks with first hand reviews of the trails.
Wheelchair sports videos collection online
The Wheelchair website features an extensive collection of free wheelchair sports videos covering a diverse range of wheelchair sports and interviews with top wheelchair athletes.

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