Image of blue background with better access logo and text.

Better Access Map

Originally set up in 2017 by a group of linkers from the St Vincent De Paul NSW Ability Links program, the Better Access Map app provides reliable accessibility information...

Image of person's hand holding a smartphone in a kitchen.

Living Smart

Smart devices are changing the way that people with disability are living their lives, increasing their independence to perform everyday tasks that they may not have been able...

A styled logo of a person holding a spanner, with the words DIY modify app

DIY Modify App

This DIYmodify app provides information and support for moving ahead with home modifications and has been designed in collaboration with a team of people that have experience...

We all love driving right?

Options for Car modifications

Having a disability may affect your ability to travel in a car, but there are a range of car modification options that can be installed to help you either drive or travel safely.