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blue tartan shopping trolley bag on grass

Shopping trolley bags offer independence

Unless you have someone helping you while you shop, it can be a challenging task.

Shopping trolley bags or "shop and go" trolleys, or urban shopping bags, are mobility aids for those who want shopping independence. Transferring the weight to the shopping trolley gives you more stability and balance. They are great for helping you get your errands done, like grocery shopping and posting or collecting mail packages or letters and other daily tasks, especially if you don't have access to a private vehicle, or rely on public transport. 

Why buy a shopping trolley bag?

When you must wait in line at the checkout, being able to take a seat can make a world of a difference when shopping. Having a shopping trolley bag takes the pressure off your back and neck. It's also ideal if you're someone with limited upper body strength, or don't have access to a private vehicle. Many Australians who are older or have a disability are transport disadvantaged and rely on taxis, public transport or sometimes just their own two feet when going about their regular weekly errands. 

Choosing the right size

Shopping trolley bags come in different sizes, and picking the right one is important.

When choosing the largest capacity for your trolley bag, think about how much you can lift. The wider the bag, the heavier it will be, this means it will be heavier when filled with items. The weight of a trolley bag ranges from 5kgs to 25kgs.

Shopping trolley bags also have different handle extension lengths. A short length might be better for a shorter person while a long one for someone taller.

Getting the correct handle length is very important. You don't want to be arching your back or trying to pull your trolley down.

Design Features

Closing Styles

As mentioned, there are shopping trolley bags that come with a seating facility. This is for those who are breathless or prefer to have their trip split into manageable chunks.

Seating shopping trolleys are also great if you want to go for a morning stroll. You can carry a few items with you, like a packed lunch or a book, and give you a seat to enjoy being outside.

If you're thinking about using a seated shopping trolley, make sure the seat height works for you. Someone tall might find the seats a little too low.

You can also choose ones with a regular lid, Velcro, drawstring and a zip! There are plenty of choices to meet everyone's preferences.


Some trolley bags are foldable, making them easier to pack and store away. This means you can also fit them in the boot of a car to take around with you for longer trips.

Their frames are also made of light aluminium alloy, making the total weight very light.

Storage Space

Trolley bags have a small pocket inside so you can keep your keys, money, phone and glasses. Some have outside pockets designed to carry a walking stick or umbrellas when you don't need them.

User Control

The big wheels on the trolley mean they can go through bumps and uneven surfaces with ease. You don't have to steer around holes on the road or pavements. Some models have parking brakes or even climbing wheels to help you navigate curbs and steps too! You can even get trolleys with reflector strips as an added safety element if walking in low light.

Climbing wheels

Some models have climbing wheels that help users to navigate urban spaces like curbs, and steps and alight and disembark from buses, trains etc. with ease. 

Fold-down seat

Some models come with a fold-down stool or seat so if you are fatigued after walking a long way or need to wait at a bus stop, tram stop or train platform, you have access to seating. 

Finding the right mobility aid

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