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a woman placing a clamp on pot stirrer over a pot

Stop stirring the pot

A handy gadget in the kitchen to try is the auto stirrer. It's also called a pot-stirrer, gourmet stirrer, saucepan stirrer or a handsfree stirrer.

Some people, for whatever reason, can use only one hand. Everyday tasks, like holding a saucepan or stirring a pot can be challenging. Even more so if you have a mobility issue or physical disability which limits or prevents the use of your hand/s. With so many aids and assistive technology out there, there are many things to consider.

The following are some points to keep in mind when choosing an automatic pot-stirrer.

  • Clamp-on exterior or mobile interior model, which suits your needs best?
  • Stainless steel, rubber-coated or thick plastic?
  • Some models can fold away or come with removable parts for easy storage.
  • Rechargeable batteries are convenient but might be more costly.
  • Cheaper disposable ones, may over time prove to be more expensive
  • Think about the type of cooking you will be using it for and choose a model that suits your needs. A smaller model which runs for less time would suit 1 or 2 people. A larger model might suit you if you need to feed a whole family or stir that huge pot of Bolognese or Ragu on the weekend.
  • Which pot is most often used and make sure you match a pot-stirrer to it.
  • Is it dishwasher-safe, or should it be hand washed? If it needs to be hand-washed, does it still suit your needs?
  • A range of paddle sizes provides the versatility to use them in different-sized pots.
  • Models with many speed options will make cooking different types of dishes easier
  • Non-clamping models are generally less expensive and easier for people with limited mobility.
  • Models which offer extras such as many paddle sizes may be convenient but more costly.

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