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  • Added: 11-10-2022

The 24 Hour Home and Work Diary Planner


The 24 Hour Home and Work Diary Planner

Order the 2024 diary (an image coming soon) early due to limited stock. Please jot down the website for the diary, as this advertisement is only listed during peak months. Online stockists (price can vary) will accept your fund providers' Daily Living Aid prepaid purchase order. Contact your chosen online retailer for more information, or, you can buy it as a gift for others.

  • More than a 9 to 5 diary, the regularly used 24-hour home and work diary helps improve life quality and make life easier (less stress).
  • Go to The 24-Hour Home and Work Diary Planner to find a list of retailers from which you can purchase the diary.
  • RRP is $42.50; however, you may find a deal at some retailers and get it for less than the RRP.
  • The 2023 version of the diary is now available with '2023' in large text on the diary cover.
  • Only featured on this website intermittently, so if you are interested, please note its name.
  • Some features aim to get you more control.
  • The “What’s Working and What’s not” page shows your recent concerns to the doctor and keeps stapling new blank pages as they fill up—the specialist appointment page.
  • Enjoy, and have fun with its added bits, including whimsical imagery, when physically under pressure. Lists and chunking, and strategies help with organisation.
  • Use privately or share for carer's times or brief notes
  • It's permanent archival.
  • If needed, a person can sign your note on the day page.
  • Look back at the past or look at your plans. 
  • Storage at the back.
  • It is too big and bright to lose and too big to fall into the toilet, unlike a mobile phone!! Yes, at least one person has said that happened.
  • It can be started anytime in the year.
  • For stockists and details, see the diary website with author notes at