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Electric Bed with Complete Air Mattress Ghost Ad


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Excellent condition.

Electric Bed with Complete Air Mattress

  • The hospital-type electric bed is in excellent condition.
  • Cleaned and all moving parts lubricated, so it is very quiet.  
  • New castors and brakes were put on 18 months ago.
  • It is very easy to move and is serviced regularly.  
  • The side rails have two positions and the bed can go very low too, if required. 
  • Auto Logic 200 Air Mattress is 5 years old and in perfect working order.  
  • There is a minor show of wear at the shoulders on the top cover, which does not affect the mattress at all.  
  • This is a complete mattress, no underlay or anything else is required on the bed with this mattress.  
  • It has been hygienically cleaned and I will include a bottle of the cleaning solution too.
  • Please note: the mattress is not inflated in the photo, but I will inflate it for inspection if required.
  • Also included is an emergency evacuation blanket, which goes under the mattress for emergencies.  
    • This allows the patient to be carried out of the home whilst still on the mattress.  
    • This is brand new and has never been used.



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Margaret Jones



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