Price: $5,500 5500 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 13-09-2022
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Bendigo VIC, Australia

Molift NOMAD Portable patient hoist


  • The Molift Nomad is a powerful and easy-to-operate portable ceiling hoist.
  • The unique curved design and 4-point suspension allow the user much greater headroom and, as a result, a much more comfortable lift.
  • The Molift Nomad ceiling hoist has built-in handles and a weight of 8.5kg, making it easily moved from room to room, and when required, it can also climb between ceiling rails. 
  • The Molift Nomad is equipped with the Molift service notification software that tells you when a service is required based on usage and load. 
  • Using the Molift Service Tool, it is possible to retrieve information about lifter usage.
  • The Molift Nomad portable ceiling hoist has environmentally friendly NiMH batteries.
  • It is equipped with electronic overload protection, electrical emergency lowering and emergency stop.

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