Price: $9,000 9000 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 13-09-2022
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Bendigo VIC, Australia

Starfish PRO Pediatric Hygiene chair.


The new Starfish Pro has been re-engineered to improve all-around function and convenience for carers. This combined shower and toilet chair have numerous easy-adjusted configurations and a patented seat design that can accommodate the most challenging postures.

  • Key Features
    • Easy positioning with mounting hardware for the harness, which is height and width adjustable
    • Height adjustable back to increase postural support
    • Adjustable trunk support for maximum postural control
    • Adjustable headrest arm for precise positioning
    • Adjustable Tilt-in-Space and hip angle
    • Adjustable leg rest and footrest options to achieve optimal comfort and seating position
    • Strong stainless steel and aluminium construction
      Comfortable, pressure-relieving cover material specifically designed for hygiene situations
    • Inbuilt dynamic backrest with lockout
  • In great near new condition.
  • To learn more, visit the Astris PME site.

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