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Created date 08-11-2022
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Roseville NSW, Australia

Relax Duogel Cushion 17x17


  • The Duogel is a unique combination of TruGel and FloGel working together effectively to provide excellent pressure relief and weight distribution
  • This gel and foam combination allows for greater circulation and weight distribution.
  • The Duogel provides for medial and lateral thigh positioning as well as support for the greater trochanter of the thigh bone.
  • The thigh troughs are lined with TruGel and the ischial area is lined with FloGel which is set on a viscoelastic foam giving greater comfort and seating stability.
    • 3″ (75mm) thick
    • Suitable for high-risk clients
    • Clear protective PU film coating is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for incontinent users
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Includes machine washable cover
    • 130kg max user weight
  • Pick up preferred

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