Price: $1,900 1900 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 22-09-2022
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Belmont North

Pride Mobility Go Chair


  • Bought Oct 2021 and used it for three months this chair is in near new condition. 
  • The latest model Go Chair is very stable, easy to use, very agile in close spaces and includes lift-away arms to assist seating.
  • Mum found the chair to be ideal for getting around her Aged Care facility. 
  • Particularly good at getting safely around tight spaces and dinner tables.
  • Very comfortable wide seating for up to 136kg and a range of 14km. 
  • Designed to be transported the chair easily disassembles into smaller packages for loading.
  • The chair can be taken onboard AU domestic flights (as a single package with the drive motor disengaged). 
  • The sealed Battery has been maintained to the manufacturer's specification (Sorry cute puppy not included).

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