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Power Wheelchair: Q6 Edge 3 to master your environment both indoors and out.
  • The Q6 Edge 3 is the culmination of 8 years of innovating and improving the Q6 Edge series.
  • It features their flagship iLevel seat riser, now improved to allow you to drive at a brisk walking pace of 4.5 mph when fully elevated - enjoying the benefit of social mobility at eye level.
  • Configurable TRU-Balance tilt seating and advanced Smooth Ride Suspension keep you in comfort and allow your Q6 Edge 3 to master your environment both indoors and out.
  • Backed up by modern and sophisticated Q-Logic 3 controls, this makes the Edge 3 one of the most hi-tech and impressive powerchairs available.
  • Features and Specifications of the Quantum Edge 3
    • Colour as indicated in the picture
    • Tru-Balance tilting seat
    • iLevel Power Seat Elevation - up to 30.
    • 5cm of power adjustable seat height.
    • Extra Stability Technology enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) delivers a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. 
    • Drive Wheels: 35.6cm solid (pneumatic optional)
    • Front Caster Wheels: 15.2cm solid
    • Rear Caster Wheels: 15.2cm solidMaximum Speed: Up to 9.6km/h, up to 7.24km/h with iLevel
    • Ground Clearance: 6.8cm at the battery tray
    • Overall Length: 82cm (without foot riggings)
    • Base Width: 62.2cm
    • Maximum Speed 10 km/h (7.24 km/h when elevated with iLevel®) 
    • Weight Capacity 136 kg Turning Radius: 52 cm
  • Information regarding this Quantum Edge 3, which is for sale
    • This Power Wheelchair is in almost like-new condition
    • One owner
    • The cost was $24.642 new
    • Was used for six months
    • The Colour is as per the picture
    • Seat 450 x 430  
    • Jay Fusion Cushion Included ($700+ new)
    • Serviced by certified Power Wheelchair specialist 15 July/22 (basically, the Batteries needed replacing)
    • Brand new Batteries were installed ($750) on 15 July/22



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