Image of elderly man with vision impairment sitting on a park bench with a cane and guide dog.

What type of mobility aids are available?

Mobility aids are a type of device designed to help people who need help moving around. These devices offer greater freedom and independence.

Image of young boy in electric wheelchair and his parents beside an accessible vehicle with a wheelchair ramp extended out of the boot onto the ground.

Mobility Friendly Car Accessories

Whether you are a driver or passenger, cars should be accessible for everyone. They are for shopping, joining events and visiting loved ones, mobility cars help people with...

Image of amputee with prosthetic leg on a stand up paddle board.

Hobbies & Activities for People with Disabilities

If you're looking to step out of your comfort zone and want to try something new and fun, here are some ideas to inspire you...

Image of man with disability in a wheelchair with a laptop open in front of him.

Tech Tools To Help People With Disabilities Navigate The Web

Sometimes, people without a disability forget how easy it is to use a mouse and keyboard when on the web. When you...