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Adaptive Beds: Start your day with a good night's sleep

There's no doubt about it, sleep is important for our short and long-term health. When we don't get enough sleep, we face a lot of negative side effects like crankiness, body aches and pains. This is why it's super important that we all get the best sleep we can.

Not everyone has the exact same needs, sometimes a traditional bed won't do. It's important people with disabilities have the right bed for their specific needs. Adaptive beds give people the rest they need on their own terms. These beds are also designed and made with specific materials suited for their needs. 

Here are some of the different adaptive bed options you can choose from :

Variable Posture Beds

This type of bed allows you to change its profile/shape, as per the requirements of your condition. You can raise and lower both head sides for best support while sitting or lying down.  There's also an added knee break so it won't slide down during use!

Mattress Inclinator and Elevator 

Mattress Inclinators- Also known as mattress variations, help you in sitting up or lying down on your own. You may raise them to create a backrest that lets the user enjoy their favourite position. Some even come with knee rests so they don't slip downwards while using it!

The end goal for this accessory is like the mattress inclinators, except you're not limited by a bed frame. Hinged frame straps under your mattress. They can be inflated or hydraulically struck upwards from below - pushing it into an elevated sitting position!

Pillow Lift

Pillow lifters rest under your pillows but are above your mattress. They are like mattress variations but have less support because it's much narrower. You can also buy pillow lifters with knee breaks to reduce slippage. 

Other adaptive sleeping accessories

One Way Glide

This is a slip-resistant accessory that goes in one direction. They stay under the person on the bed and help them slide to a natural position. Some glides come with memory foam to enhance comfort. 

Hand blocks 

Hand blocks are often located at the side of the bed. Users can grab them, and push them down so they can elevate their bodies. Hand blocks are ideal for those with stronger upper body strength. 

Find a bed tailored to your needs 

We understand that everyone's needs are different. Sometimes providing yourself or a loved one a specific bed is the only solution for a good night's sleep. 

eBility has a range of adaptive beds, mattresses and lifting hoist advertised. With these beds and accessories, we guarantee sleeping will become more enjoyable for everyone. 

Explore the range of aids and equipment currently for sale. If you have any questions about any equipment available or are wanting to sell, you can contact us!